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ArUMS vice-chancellor for education

The objective of this vice-chancellor is to coordinate educational activities with other activities of the university as well as the needs and expectations of the society through planning, directing, overseeing, and evaluating the educational activities conducted in the institute.

Having considerable and comprehensive experience and potentiality in organizational culture, this establishment, in competition with other institutes and universities of medical sciences, offers a wide range of educational services to students (in undergraduate and graduate programs), alumni (in continuing education programs), affiliated units, other medical education centers, and faculty members of the university.

Furthermore, this vice-chancellor attempts to earn the satisfaction of the stakeholders of the university (e.g. students, alumni, staff, faculty members, etc.) via applying modern principles of comprehensive quality management so as to revise and improve the educational processes of the university and thereby meet the needs of the institute and the parties involved.

The main objective of this establishment is to direct the educational activities of the university to solve the problems of the society, obviate the needs of the society, and produce well-informed human resources capable of promoting the public health of the society.